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Re: C-x 3 (split-window-horizontally) & C-x 1 (delete-other-windows)

From: David Hansen
Subject: Re: C-x 3 (split-window-horizontally) & C-x 1 (delete-other-windows)
Date: Tue, 06 May 2008 03:32:48 +0200
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On Mon, 05 May 2008 14:16:26 -0400 Sam Steingold wrote:

> 1. even though I can imagine that I might want to have one 160-char-wide
>    window every once in a while, by far the more common situation would
>    be wanting to preserve 2 columns.  Thus I would want C-x 1 to delete
>    all other windows in the current column and leave the other column
>    intact (as if the other column were a separate frame glued to this
>    one side by side)

(defun dh-max-window-vertically ()
  (enlarge-window 4200))

(defun dh-max-window-horizontally ()
  (enlarge-window-horizontally 4200))


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