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Carbon port and multi-tty

From: Chong Yidong
Subject: Carbon port and multi-tty
Date: Tue, 06 May 2008 12:55:28 -0400

This concerns the recent drama over the Carbon port and multi-tty.

As I understand, in the CVS tree the Carbon port is unmaintained, since
Yamamoto Mitsuharu has declined to continue supporting Carbon for Emacs
23 and no other developer has offered to take on his role.  We can't let
the lack of a maintainer for a non-free software platform stall Emacs
development indefinitely.  Thus, merging multi-tty into the trunk was
the correct decision, even if we couldn't---and apparently still
can't---find a developer to make it work properly on Carbon.  I'm glad
that Dan at least tried to work on it, even if he didn't manage to
finish the job.  If you're disturbed by the remaining problems on
Carbon, please try working on a fix instead of complaining.

Regarding the Carbon changes to the Emacs 22 branch: Yamamoto Mitsuharu
is actively maintaining the Carbon-specific code in the branch, and as a
platform maintainer he has considerable discretion to make
platform-specific changes.  If he says that his changes won't pose a
problem in the event of a security release from the branch, that's fine
by me.  If anyone has problems with a specific change has made to the
branch, please pose it to him, or to the list.


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