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Re: emacs23 compile failed on w32

From: Kyle M. Lee
Subject: Re: emacs23 compile failed on w32
Date: Thu, 15 May 2008 09:03:04 +0800
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Eli Zaretskii 写道:
>> Date: Thu, 15 May 2008 00:01:41 +0800
>> From: "Kyle M. Lee" <address@hidden>
>> E:\cvs_home\emacs23\emacs\nt>mingw32-make maintainer-clean
>> E:\cvs_home\emacs23\emacs\nt>configure.bat --no-debug --with-gcc
>> --no-cygwin --p
>> refix e:/emacs_gcc_std_install --cflags -I./inc --cflags -pipe
>> E:\cvs_home\emacs23\emacs\nt>mingw32-make bootstrap -j3
>> error message:
>> -------------------------------------
>> dired.c: In function `stat_uname':
>> dired.c:910: error: structure has no member named `st_uname'
>> dired.c: In function `stat_gname':
>> dired.c:925: error: structure has no member named `st_gname'
> Very strange.  I'm guessing that either (1) your CVS update somehow
> failed to update all the files that were modified since the last time,
> or (2) you are somehow overriding the GCC include path (normally set
> by the -I command-line switch to GCC).  If everything is okay, the
> file nt/inc/sys/stat.h in CVS defines the `st_uname' and `st_gname'
> members of `struct stat', and src/makefile should set things up so
> that the compiler is invoked with the "-I ../nt/inc" command-line
> switch.  Please which one of these doesn't happen for you, and why.

Sorry for that. It is my fault.
I copied some header files to the /emacs/nt/inc folder before.
That could cause the cvs update -d failed, there is not stat.h file in
the inc folder.And I deleted the /nt/inc folder and update again, I got
the stat.h.
Maybe the gcc used the mingw\include\sys that time.

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