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Re: Font selection weirdness

From: Juanma Barranquero
Subject: Re: Font selection weirdness
Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 10:09:30 +0200

> No, it's not reasonable. If you don't have a suitable font, then Emacs
> should not be trying to display those characters.

I'll try to debug it. But, are you saying that clear_cached_metrics
should never be called, or that it should not be called for
TrueType/OpenFont fonts?

Meanwhile, a curious thing: if, on the HELLO buffer, I remove the
charset property in the "Mathematics" line, the characters are
displayed right. (Well, strictly speaking U+2200 FOR ALL is not
displayed because DejaVu Sans Mono has no glyph for it, but at least
it does correctly appear as an empty box).


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