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Re: scroll-lock-mode and goal-column

From: Ralf Angeli
Subject: Re: scroll-lock-mode and goal-column
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2008 20:10:51 +0200

* Stefan Monnier (2008-06-29) writes:

>> For example if you open the info dir with `C-h i d', activate Scroll
>> Lock mode, move point down a bit into the introductory blurb, then move
>> it to column 30 and scroll down line by line with `C-n', point will
>> sometimes stick to column 0 even though there is text to the right where
>> it can be moved to.
> Most likely, `last-command' is not among '(scroll-up scroll-down) so the
> C code doesn't understand that it should preserve the column position
> from before the last command.

Can I make the C code acquainted with the functions of scroll-lock.el?
If this is what would remedy the situation.  I'm a bit confused because
in scroll-lock.el, the goal column is updated if `last-command' is _not_
among the scrolling functions.

>> Also, it will not jump back to column 30, once it
>> does, but to column 26.
> Sounds very strange, indeed.  But Info buffers have funny contents, so
> maybe you were in column 0 on a big display-property space that spanned
> columns from 0 to 26?

There are no display properties, AFAICS.  And if I open the raw dir file
the behavior is even worse, meaning point will not jump back into the
previous column at all once it got stuck to column 0.


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