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Re: Emacs vista build failures

From: Richard M Stallman
Subject: Re: Emacs vista build failures
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2008 16:31:58 -0400

    > You don't have time left for getting Emacs-Bidi to run on any platform,
    > right?  Now it is, of course, your choice what to spend your developer
    > time on, like it is everybody other's choice, too.

    Maybe the easiest way to give Eli more time for that is give good 
    support for needed tools on w32?

You mean, ask other people to devote themselves to a side issue
in the hope that then Eli will stop doing so?  That would
set the wrong priorities for the whole project.

I'd rather send Eli another computer that runs GNU/Linux
so he can do his editing there.

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