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Re: a little feedback on Cocoa Emacs.app

From: Dan Nicolaescu
Subject: Re: a little feedback on Cocoa Emacs.app
Date: Mon, 04 Aug 2008 10:27:01 -0700

Justin Bogner <address@hidden> writes:

  > Dan Nicolaescu wrote:
  > > Ken Raeburn <address@hidden> writes:
  > >
  > >   > A variation I'd be more interested in, though, might be the ability to
  > >   > run window-less.  Much like some Mac apps will let you close the last
  > >   > window, but keep running, and let you open new windows (or quit)
  > >   > through the menus that are displayed even without any open windows.  I
  > >   > don't know if there's a good analog for this behavior for X11 and
  > >   > Windows, though, so I'm not going to hold my breath.
  > >
  > > This behavior has been on the wish list for X11 for a while...  It might
  > > not even be that hard to implement, but nobody has volunteered to do it
  > > so far.
  > >
  > With multi-tty, this behaviour could be fairly sane via the
  > client-server model. That is to say, if the server were allowed to run
  > without a window, you would have this behaviour.

That's exactly what the missing part is: being able to run without a

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