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Re: How to reply to bug reports

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: How to reply to bug reports
Date: Fri, 08 Aug 2008 14:51:58 -0400
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>> > Can someone please tell me how to reply correctly to a bug report.
>> > If I do not cc bug-gnu-emacs, my reply won't appear there and chances to
>> > get feedback from other developers are low as I noticed a couple of
>> > times.  If I do cc bug-gnu-emacs I apparently file a new bug report as
>> > already happened twice this week.
>> AFAIK, the only place you should need reply is to
>> address@hidden and that should go to all the right
>> places (i.e. to bug-gnu-emacs, to the OP, and hopefully to most other
>> people who participated in this bug report). 

> It doesn't currently go to the submitter; the logic behind this is
> that the submitter doesn't always care about the machinations going
> about to fix the bug.

In the context of Free Software, I think we want to encourage people to
delve into the development of the tools they use.  Especially when we're
talking about applications like Emacs which are mostly targetted
at programmers.

So I'd be very happy if you could change this such that the OP (and all
other people who contributed to the bug discussion) get included.
It's also good to additionally provide a way for someone to opt out of
the discussion after having sent something, but the default should be
for them to be included.


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