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Re: Progress: eshell-defgroup. Do we really need this?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Progress: eshell-defgroup. Do we really need this?
Date: Thu, 07 Aug 2008 15:25:12 -0400
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>> So back to 'make bootstrap'.  It says "can't find eshell-defgroup".

> make bootstrap is generating loaddefs.el with lines like

>     (eshell-defgroup eshell-alias nil "Docstring" :tag "Command aliases" 
> :gr\oup 'eshell-module)

> , and AFTER them the line which should have come first:

>     (defalias 'eshell-defgroup 'defgroup)

> .  It seems that the loaddefs.el generator first builds these
> (eshell-defgroup....) lines in eshell/esh-group.el, and then, somehow,
> copies them to loaddefs.el.  The code isn't easy to understand.

Those "(eshell-defgroup" should not be in loaddefs.el but in
lisp/eshell/esh-groups.el.  This is done by autoload.el, so either we
have a bug in autoload.el that sometimes makes it ignore the

  generated-autoload-file: "esh-groups.el"

in the files, or there's some other autoload.el that gets in the way.


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