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Re: Release plans

From: Alex Ott
Subject: Re: Release plans
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2008 09:14:35 +0200
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>>>>> "RMS" == Richard M Stallman writes:
 RMS>     At a U.S. university, I do see Emacs on Windows.  One of my
 RMS> professors used it for demonstrating things from his laptop in
 RMS> lecture.  Other professors use Emacs, and use Windows for some things
 RMS> (frequently their laptops run Windows).

 RMS> The real question here is what to do to convince them to stop using
 RMS> Windows and run GNU/Linux instead.
 RMS> We can speculate that running Emacs on Windows leads some people to
 RMS> switch to GNU/Linux.  But imagined migration is not our goal; what we
 RMS> need is for them to migrate in reality.

>From my experience - lot of software was developed only for Windows, and
there are no analogs in GNU world.  I had worked about 2 years under
Windows as Software Architect, as was no required modeling documenting
tools for Linux, but i also used Emacs to program prototypes.

If will no Emacs under windows, i will switch to other tools, and may be
leave emacs on other platform, as i need consistent environment over all
platforms, not only one

With best wishes, Alex Ott, MBA
http://alexott.blogspot.com/           http://xtalk.msk.su/~ott/

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