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Re: For the release

From: A Soare
Subject: Re: For the release
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2008 16:41:01 +0200 (CEST)

> I have the impression that many feature changes made were not recorded
> in etc/NEWS.  So someone should check the change logs looking for things
> that need to be added there.

Do not forget to specify that the indentation of lisp is founded on a different 

I will write soon an identical indentation of C code, using the same automaton, 
because it takes me just little time.

However the implantation of the automaton in C/parse-partial-sexp, as a new 
field to teh lisp_parse_state structure, in order to get the indentation of 
every kind of code (in _every_ major mode) after running parse-partial sexp, as 
I explained you, will be made by somebody else if they want to, because for me 
it is clear how it can be done, and maybe somebody wants to do it. I will not 
spend time on. It's identical to that for lisp, but need to be implanted in C.

struct lisp_parse_state
    int depth;     /* Depth at end of parsing.  */
    int instring;  /* -1 if not within string, else desired terminator.  */
    int incomment; /* -1 if in unnestable comment else comment nesting */
    int comstyle;  /* comment style a=0, or b=1, or ST_COMMENT_STYLE.  */
    int quoted;    /* Nonzero if just after an escape char at end of parsing */
    int mindepth;  /* Minimum depth seen while scanning.  */
    /* Char number of most recent start-of-expression at current level */
    EMACS_INT thislevelstart;
    /* Char number of start of containing expression */
    EMACS_INT prevlevelstart;
    EMACS_INT location;      /* Char number at which parsing stopped.  */
    EMACS_INT comstr_start;  /* Position of last comment/string starter.  */
    Lisp_Object levelstarts; /* Char numbers of starts-of-expression
                                of levels (starting from outermost).  */

    Lisp_Object INDENTATION;  <= NEW FIELD



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