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next-history-element and previous-history-element could point be moved t

From: T. V. Raman
Subject: next-history-element and previous-history-element could point be moved to the end of the input? left at the front of input
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2008 10:58:43 -0700


At present, commands next-history-element and
when used in the minibuffer leave point at the front of the
minibuffer input. Could this be changed so that point is left at
the end?


If you pass a default value to functions like completing-read,
that default value can be brought into the minibuffer via M-n.
But if  you then want to have this input passed to a custom
completer -- one needs to  move point to the end of the
minibuffer before hitting tab --- if you just hit tab after
hitting M-n, the custom completer receives the empty string as
input, and will consequently fail.

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