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Re: window groups

From: René Kyllingstad
Subject: Re: window groups
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2008 14:37:29 -0100
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* Stefan Monnier:
> > That was one thing that has annoyed me since switching from XEmacs.  I
> > also miss the compact disiplay of hyper-apropos bound to C-h a in
> > XEmacs.  Here is an example as was recently asked for:
>  <as well as>
> > The key virtue is columnar layout which is visually easier to parse and
> > faster to navigate.  My final sample shows that gnu emacs does not
> > eschew long lines.
>  The patch below adds an apropos-compact-layout customization to get
>  something similar to what XEmacs provides.  Check it out,

This looks great - thank you!  I find it much easier to read.

I'd prefer to use the short labels for the compact representation, so that
they line up, and it basically becomes a table.

Meaning, in apropos-print-doc I'd change:

       (if apropos-compact-layout
           (button-type-get type 'apropos-label)

       (if apropos-compact-layout
           (button-type-get type 'apropos-short-label)

-- René

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