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re: whither GNU

From: Jonathan Yavner
Subject: re: whither GNU
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2008 00:47:51 -0400
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> Juanma Barranquero wrote:
>   That was pretty evident in the way bzr did get "chosen" as future
>   dVCS for Emacs.

> David Robinow wrote:
>   Are there still problems? I don't know. I haven't used it yet. If
>   you find any you should file a bug report.

I tried using it, but it was too slow, even for my small project (only 
1200 commits of history, bzr takes many seconds just to show "info").
I haven't bothered to file a bug report because previous messages on 
emacs-devel indicate that the bzr people are already quite aware of the 
speed problem.  I hope Emacs doesn't drop CVS until after bzr has been 
improved considerably.

I also tried git and looked at mercurial, but I haven't yet found the 
right dVCS for my application (central repository and working checkout 
on server, copy of repository and checkout on laptop, push from laptop 
to server updates server's checkout but only if no merge-conflicts 
occur).  For now I'm still using CVS even though it doesn't really do 
the job.  A familiar tool with problems (and known workarounds) is 
better than an unfamiliar tool that still has problems but no known 

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