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Re: Finding the source of Change Log entries

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Finding the source of Change Log entries
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2008 22:03:22 -0400
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>>> `change-log-goto-source', so I run an extra `find-file' after
SM> Never use `find-file' from Elisp, please.  Use pop-to-buffer (together
SM> with find-file-noselect if necessary) instead,

> Hmm, why does `change-log-find-file' use it?  Is it OK because it's a
> wrapper around it?  That's where I saw the usage, sorry about it.

> I've changed it to use `pop-to-buffer' but now it doesn't keep the
> original ChangeLog window visible after the first time you run
> `next-error'.  IOW, you see the ChangeLog the first time you run the
> command, but after that it gets buried under the newly found file.

> Sorry if this is not helpful, I haven't worked much with window
> configurations and arrangements in ELisp.  If someone more knowledgeable
> wants to take a look, please do.

Try to make sure your code behaves like compilation-next-error-function.
E.g. it may want to use display-buffer rather than pop-to-buffer.
Once you've figured out the trick that makes it work right, please
improve the docstring of next-error-function so it explains clearly
where/if the buffer should be displayed.


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