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Re: Why @#! is not Emacs using the Recycle bin on w32?

From: David De La Harpe Golden
Subject: Re: Why @#! is not Emacs using the Recycle bin on w32?
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2008 10:31:32 +0100
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Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:
> How about we make delete-file and similar rename the file as a backup
> file if you flip an option? 

Uhm. Might be independently useful, but do bear in mind that
delete-by-moving-to-trash is already in-trunk (in customize group
auto-save).  Lennart might want it on by default, but that's a separate
issue.   At minimum, if emacs is going to support trashcans, it should
support the windows recycle bin on windows, the macosx-style trashcan on
macosx, and the freedesktop.org style trashcan used by GNOME/KDE/XFCE
and others, so that people who  do turn on delete-by-moving-to-trash get
their files moved somewhere platform-appropriate and unsurprising.

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