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Re: Re: Emacs on GNUstep (was: Release update)

From: richardeng
Subject: Re: Re: Emacs on GNUstep (was: Release update)
Date: Sun, 7 Dec 2008 00:05:40 +0800

Stephen J. Turnbull writes:

>richardeng writes:

>> > Or a portable dumper which reloads the Lisp environemnt into a new
> > > malloc'd area, and doesn't care about all that.
> > 
> > It doesn't seem a easy job.

> It isn't, and I don't know if the one that has been written for Emacs
> would serve as well as the one XEmacs has; Emacs might need to start
> from scratch.

> I'm just reminding Stefan that there's a long-term solution with lots
> of benefits that go beyond making GNUStep a first-class citizen of the
> community.

I spent some time on it. Too sad, I was blocked on(apt-get install 
checking AppKit/AppKit.h usability... no
checking AppKit/AppKit.h presence... no
checking for AppKit/AppKit.h... no
configure: error: `--with-ns' was specified, but the include

Maybe, apple users should pay more attention on NS release. 
I feel emacs configured without --with-ns well. 
If build without --with-ns, emacs won't work on MacOS GUI? I guess yes.

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