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RE: Release update

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Release update
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2008 18:40:58 -0800

> > > That's exactly the behavior I see in Lennart's vanilla 
> > > builds. It either takes quite a long time or it comes up
> > > immediately. I was thinking that it usually
> > > takes a long time, but trying now several times in a row, 
> > > it looks like it's about 50-50. Same thing for Lennart's build.
> > 
> > FYI I do not see anything like this. The first time it 
> takes a little
> > bit longer, but then it is very quick. My pc is probably slower.
> > 
> > Something with disk access, caching? Page file size? (Could that
> > really matter in this situation??) My page file is 1.5GB and 3GB max
> > (approx). But, hm, the time delay must be too long for such things.
> > Some network problem?
> I'm working locally - no network (but Internet connection).
> Page file is 2G (max 4G); single hard disk. RAM is 2G.

And no visible change in PF usage or CPU usage when I start Emacs 23. No
noticeable change in CPU usage as Emacs starts up - stays ~0% to 5%. PF usage
remains ~922 MB throughout startup. No difference noticeable in Task Mgr whether
Emacs 23 happens to start in 1 sec or 15 sec.

The elapsed time (e.g. 15 sec) occurs before the frame starts to appear. The
frame is displayed, and startup finishes, at the normal speed. It seems almost
as if Emacs waits before it decides to start up.

I suppose it could be something particular to my machine, but I don't see such a
wait/delay for any other apps or other Emacs versions (20, 21, 22.x).

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