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Re: proced: ppid of process ID 0 can be 0

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: proced: ppid of process ID 0 can be 0
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2008 15:41:56 -0500
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>> >> Indeed, it should be in system-process-attributes which is already
>> >> OS-dependent.
>> > If you mean by having no ppid attribute, then that's ambiguous, since
>> > an attribute can be missing because it is inaccessible for some
>> > reason, like some kind of failure unrelated to the fact that the
>> > process is really a root of a tree.
>> Seems very hypothetical.
> It's not hypothetical, I've seen such cases and reported them to
> Roland.

What were those cases?

>> More to the point: even if we could distinguish the "no ppid" from
>> "unkown ppid", it's unclear how Elisp code could make use of it.
> Lisp code cannot, but a primitive written in C can.

Like what can it do?


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