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Re: your vc-hg.el change

From: Norman Gray
Subject: Re: your vc-hg.el change
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2009 10:36:22 +0000


This is picking up a thread of 24 November last year[1]. Apologies: I missed the thread then and only re-found it in the archive now.

I was the OP for the small patch, which made the vc-hg-program configurable in vc-hg.el, rather than being hard-coded. The decision to include or reject the patch is not mine, and I don't want to re- start a discussion, but I'd like to log the context I should have added at the time of the thread, for the record.

* I'm using emacs on OS X here (specifically Aquamacs). There, applications start as children of a daemon which is not a child of the login process, so adjusting the path that they see is slightly intricate, rather than being simply an adjustment to .bashrc (it implies configuration in two places rather than one, which is always bad).

* On this platform, applications are installed in standalone directories per-application/version, rather than simply dropped into / usr/local. Thus having a per-application install of hg is arguably DTRT on this platform (though this convention is weak for non-GUI programs).

Adding this one bit of configuration therefore has clear benefits on this platform.

Best wishes,


[1] http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/emacs-devel/2008-11/msg00838.html

Norman Gray  :  http://nxg.me.uk
Dept Physics and Astronomy, University of Leicester

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