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Re: merging pmail

From: Miles Bader
Subject: Re: merging pmail
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2009 13:49:56 +0900

Glenn Morris <address@hidden> writes:
>> [and yeah, the arch tags are screwed up because of it -- but it seems like
>> the correct solution to that problem is just to remove pmail*.el]
> I'd have thought you'd want to restore the previous tags. Today's
> rmail.el is just yesterday's with some changes merged in from a branch
> (via a strange route). But I don't know arch.

The rmail*.el and pmail*.el files are now _exactly_ the same, except for
trivial renamings:

   $ for p in lisp/mail/pmail*.el; do
         r=`echo $p | sed s/pmail/rmail/`
         b=`basename $p`
         echo $p vs. $r:
         sed 's/pmail/rmail/g;s/PMAIL/RMAIL/g;s/Pmail/Rmail/g' $p > $t
         diff -u $t $r
   lisp/mail/pmail.el vs. lisp/mail/rmail.el:
   lisp/mail/pmailedit.el vs. lisp/mail/rmailedit.el:
   lisp/mail/pmailkwd.el vs. lisp/mail/rmailkwd.el:
   lisp/mail/pmailmm.el vs. lisp/mail/rmailmm.el:
   lisp/mail/pmailmsc.el vs. lisp/mail/rmailmsc.el:
   lisp/mail/pmailout.el vs. lisp/mail/rmailout.el:
   lisp/mail/pmailsort.el vs. lisp/mail/rmailsort.el:
   lisp/mail/pmailsum.el vs. lisp/mail/rmailsum.el:

Thus the pmail*.el files seem to serve no purpose, and having them
around is confusing.  Why are they being kept?


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