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Re: Willing to debug bug #3542 (23.0.94; File access via UNC path slow

From: Mathias Dahl
Subject: Re: Willing to debug bug #3542 (23.0.94; File access via UNC path slow again under Windows)
Date: Mon, 6 Jul 2009 09:38:07 +0200

> Please post some measurements (the original report says "a few
> seconds", which is quite vague) and the basic performance data of your
> machine.  Also, please tell if this happens with every file, even one
> visited in Fundamental mode, or only with some files.  I will then try
> to reproduce this.  Best I remember, I didn't have such problems on my
> machine, but maybe I misremember.

I did all tests below in emacs -Q.

//gbgfs1/archive75 is a share that contains 260 directories and three
files. The server is located in our office.

C-x d //gbgfs1/archive75 RET

 Emacs 22.1.1: 1 s
 Emacs 95 s

So, that is about 95 times slower...

Opening a subfolder in dired in the directory listing I got in the
above operation. The subfolder opened contains only one folder.

 Emacs 22.1.1: immediate (under 1 s)
 Emacs 3 s

Opening a file, 2470 bytes, using RET in dired and in a directory
further down in the structure above:

 Emacs 22.1.1: immediate (under 1 s)
 Emacs 3 s

I opened a file that was about 20 times larger than the above, from
the same folder, and it took about the same time, so it seems that the
actual reading of the file contents is not affected.

Opening a folder with about 270 files even further down in the same structure:

 Emacs 22.1.1: 2-3 s
 Emacs 86 s

This seems to happen for any type of file I open.

My PC has a Pentium 4 CPU, running at 3 GHz, with 1.5 GBG of RAM,
according to My Computer -> RMB -> Properties -> General and I am
using Windows XP Professional, Version 2002, Service Pack 2.

Any tests in particular you want me to run?


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