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Re: Parsing of fontconfig font names and other font related stuff.

From: Jason Rumney
Subject: Re: Parsing of fontconfig font names and other font related stuff.
Date: Wed, 08 Jul 2009 20:01:18 +0800
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Jason Rumney wrote:
Jan Djärv wrote:
Yes. Gnome has 96 dpi as default (settable in a user desktop settings dialog), fontconfig seems to have 75.

I'm surprised that both Gnome and fontconfig are using hard-coded values, and not getting the monitor spec from X (at least on my system the X server reports the physical size it has read from the monitor at startup, so the information required to get the proper dpi setting appears to be in there somewhere).

Actually, re-reading what you wrote, they may be doing that but snapping to a commonly used dpi value (Windows does that, defaulting to either 72, 96dpi or 120dpi, depending on monitor resolution). Since your actual monitor resolution is about half way between 75 and 96, fontconfig and Gnome may be doing that snapping differently - also a lot of X fonts seem to be either 75 or 100dpi, so font config may be using those to snap to, while Gnome is using the same values as Windows.

It'd be good if someone like freedesktop.org could work out a spec for everyone to follow so that things were consistent, as lack of consistency in areas like this is one of the biggest complaints from Windows and Mac users trying to switch to Free software.

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