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Re: Font selection problems on Mac OS X

From: Felix Geller
Subject: Re: Font selection problems on Mac OS X
Date: Thu, 09 Jul 2009 12:54:02 +0200
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[08.07.2009 22:53] Felix Geller writes:

> Hi all,
> I'm trying to set up Emacs on Mac OS X (10.5.7) and am having some
> problems with the font setup: The fonts I installed manually
> (e.g. DejaVu and Inconsolata) don't show up when I'm trying to set the
> default font via `M-x set-default-font'. Also, the font selection dialog
> doesn't include those fonts, even though I can select them for other
> applications, e.g. the Terminal.  I've tried the automated nightly build
> from [1] as well as compiled a CVS version from today with the following
> options: "--with-ns --with-x --prefix=/my/prefix".
> I'm new to Mac OS X, please let me know what I can do to figure out how
> to set my preferred font. Thank you in advance!
> Please tell me if this isn't the correct group and excuse any
> inconvenience my message caused.
> Cheers,
> Felix Geller
> [1] http://atomized.org/wp-content/cocoa-emacs-nightly/

I found the readson for why the fonts did not show up in the font
selection dialog: I had to install the fonts system-wide, rather than
solely for the current user. Is this the intended behavior?


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