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Re: Infrastructural complexity.

From: Thomas Lord
Subject: Re: Infrastructural complexity.
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2009 00:31:01 -0700

On Mon, 2009-07-20 at 13:59 +0900, Miles Bader wrote:
> Thomas Lord <address@hidden> writes:
> > For very large command sets, such as found in word processors or IDEs,
> > support for passive recollection command access is a good thing.
> Eh?  For very large command sets, tool-bars suck massively, because each
> command requires physical space, all the time

Not if the toolbar is a hierarchical menu.

>  They're great for
> save/load/refresh, but quickly become unwieldy and ultimately almost
> unusable (see: many microsoft apps, which at some point became quite
> surreal in their abuse of toolbars... [and tab-bar abuse, and...]).

Right, there's a balance between not having this kind of menu
at all and having too much of it.


> -Miles

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