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Re: Bazaar migration status?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Bazaar migration status?
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2009 20:54:28 -0400
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> Sure, tho I think the cvs-to-git syncing tool is by far the most
> developed; I think it was actually David (Reiter) who asked on the git
> list about bzr-to-git syncing tools, and IIRC, the replies didn't seem
> so encouraging.

Since converting CVS to Git seems fundamentally more difficult than Bzr
to Git, and seeing the amount of effort that was put into getting a good
Git mirror, I'm fairly confident someone will come up with a good Git
mirror for the Bzr repository.

> [Another problem is that even if another syncing tool is available,
> I'm not sure what changing to another source-VCS/tool means for the
> existing history in git...]

Actually, since the Bzr repository will actually be a conversion of the
Git repository, that should not be a problem (at least in theory).
Especially since AFAIK Bzr keeps a superset of the info kept in Git, so
the roundtrip Git→Bzr→Git should be naturally lossless.


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