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Re: save-frame-excursion?

From: Robert Goldman
Subject: Re: save-frame-excursion?
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2009 22:28:42 -0500
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Stefan Monnier wrote:
>>> Do you know when/why it lost the focus?
>> The org frame lost focus because focus shifted to the frame that
>> contained the *Calendar* buffer.
> OK, so the next question is "why/when did focus shift to the *Calendar"
> buffer" (and just to be more clear by "why/when" I mean at the level of
> the Elisp code, which trail of calls causes it).

The calendar buffer was configured to be sticky in a particular frame,
so that when emacs wanted to show that calendar buffer, it showed it in
the different frame.

I don't entirely understand how the stickiness happens -- configuration
of the emacs calendar is far beyond me.
>> I am not that experienced in this area, but as far as I can tell
>> save-window-excursion covers similar ground, but only controls what
>> window is selected /within a given frame/.  So this macro, on which I
>> based org-save-frame-excursion covers similar ground, but it does not
>> subsume this macro.
> I know neither subsumes the other (sadly).  I just hope new ones can be
> made a bit more orthogonal (i.e. with less overlap).

Right.  I believe that these need to be done "inside to out" i.e.,


in order that they unwind properly.

What I think is at least a bit odd is that I don't know of a case where
one would /not/ want the current frame focus to be restored when doing a
save-excursion.  Admittedly it's unlikely (at least now) to get into a
state where you will change the frame focus, but whenever you /do/
change the frame focus, wouldn't you want it restored?

But this may simply expose my naiveté about emacs.


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