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Re: help-window-select and info-lookup-symbol

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: help-window-select and info-lookup-symbol
Date: Sun, 26 Jul 2009 15:12:41 +0200
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> I think we aren't talking with each other.  If there is a (single)
> function to initialize help buffers, let's call it display-help-buffer,
> then there is exactly one function to enumerate.  The callers of
> display-help-buffer don't count.

I suppose we agree that `display-help-buffer' should set a window-local
variable say `old-buffer' to a buffer so that quitting the help window
switches to that buffer.  But `display-help-buffer' cannot
unconditionally overwrite the value of `old-buffer' with that of the
current buffer since the current buffer might denote some buffer
quitting should _not_ switch to (consider subsequent invocations of help
and info-lookup).  I suppose we can make `display-help-buffer' ignore
such cases by looking at the names of any buffers used by the clients of
`display-help-buffer'.  In any case the "old" value of `old-buffer' has
to be available when (cannot be wiped out before) `display-help-buffer'
is invoked.

> display-buffer doesn't need to know what display-help-buffer does with
> buffer-local variables.  Actually, display-buffer is already complicated
> enough that it would be better to keep that separated.

Maybe.  But `display-buffer' is the only function that easily knows
whether a new window is used for displaying help or an existing window
was reused.  So some change of `display-buffer' seems needed anyway.


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