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Re: Changes 2009-07-15/16 in branch?

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Changes 2009-07-15/16 in branch?
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2009 01:39:20 -0400

    >    After the merge, to support users migrating from Carbon, provider
    >    functionality was added to the Cocoa services implementation,
    > Does this mean that the "services integration" includes some features
    > that work on GNUstep and some that do not?

    No.  But a consumer implementation is something that all apps on both  
    MacOS and GNUstep have; to leave it out of Emacs would be a glaring  
    deficit to users.  A provider implementation, where Emacs exports menu  
    entries for interapplication services to other apps, is nice, but is  
    only done by a minority of apps on either platform, so it goes beyond  
    what is needed for Emacs to be a first-class desktop citizen and might  
    as well be left for distributions.

We need to delete the "provider implementation" from Emacs 23.1.

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