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RE: Dired auto-revert (was: Emacs inotify support?)

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Dired auto-revert (was: Emacs inotify support?)
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2009 15:29:30 -0700

> Or maybe we should add a new option that defines whether revert
> automatically or just display a message.

Yes, please, if we implement the possibility of auto-reverting, then let's keep
it only a possibility, not an obligation. IOW, let's also make it possible to
choose not to auto-revert.

It might even be useful to give such control for specific directories or classes
of directories: have two options, analogous to `special-display-buffer-names'
and `special-display-regexps' (and `same-window-*').

List of directories for which Dired auto-reverts.

List of regexps specifying which Dired buffers are auto-reverted.

If both are nil, then there is no auto-reverting.
If `dired-auto-revert-regexps' is `(".")', then all Dired buffers are

Just a thought. But please keep the possibility of not auto-reverting.

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