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Windows-specific questions about Bazaar

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Windows-specific questions about Bazaar
Date: Tue, 01 Dec 2009 21:15:29 +0200

If someone has experience in using Bazaar on MS-Windows, could you
please answer the following questions:

 . The Reference Guide says: "On Windows auto-detection of Putty's
   plink.exe is disabled. Default SSH client for Windows is
   paramiko. User still can force usage of plink if explicitly set
   environment variable BZR_SSH=plink."  Any advice whether to stick
   to the default or force usage of plink?  (One obvious, but minor
   disadvantage of not using plink is that you will have two places
   where each public key and machine signatures are saved.)

 . CVS was notorious for problems when the time zone switches from
   Standard Time to DST and back, even though modern Windows systems
   and NTFS store times and file time stamps in UTC.  Typically,
   unless you did something special, the first "cvs up" after the
   switch would send the entire sandbox upstream.  (I even wrote a
   program that moved all time stamps an hour forward or back to avoid
   that.)  Does Bazaar cope correctly with this, assuming the
   time-zone information is set correctly in the Registry?

 . Does Bazaar honor $HOME on Windows, or is $BZR_HOME the only
   variable it looks at, before falling back on the default location?


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