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Re: Emacs core TLS support

Subject: Re: Emacs core TLS support
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2010 20:37:42 -0500

> What's the advantage of offering core support over using gnutls-cli
> (like starttls.el does)?

It is far more apt to work "out of the box " on on w32...

As it is now, assuming it can be configured correctly it remains an
unbelievable headache to debug.
It would prob. make auth-sources.el more robust to work with as well
(which, BTW isn't doing the `debug' thing very well itself on w32

For example, try using auth-sources.el on w32 to retrieve the
credentials for a CIFS domain which uses underscores from a
.authinfo.gpg file stored in a non standard location e.g. not under
%home%. It works on a GNU system, but not alway without some

All of which is to say the entire Emacs authentication toolset gets
long in the tooth quite quickly when used in the aggregate. Moreover,
when they fail they fall over in opaque ways because of the security


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