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Re: Git mirror - bidrectional

From: David Reitter
Subject: Re: Git mirror - bidrectional
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2010 21:34:52 -0500

On Jan 13, 2010, at 8:58 PM, Ken Raeburn wrote:

> Does the git protocol allow the server to send arbitrary messages for 
> presentation to the user?  "Your patch is very important to us.  Please stay 
> on the line...." :-)

Yes it does.  "Both standard output and standard error output are forwarded to 
git-send-pack on the other end, so you can simply echo messages for the user."

>> The alternative would be to do it asynchronously and undo the push if it 
>> fails (a "git reset" is trivial).  The user
>> could then only be notified by e-mail.
> I think I'd rather have the interactive delay.  If it proves to be too much, 
> I can simply bury that window and look at it later.

I tend to agree.  Failure after a long wait (context switch, cognitively 
speaking) is bad, but we can keep the likelihood of such failures down if we 
bzr>git sync often.

I would volunteer to set up an experimental server if I was willing to touch 
bzr and bzr importing/exporting again.
But the concept is in place it seems.   Anyone?

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