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Re: Creating modem process and receiving output of AT commands

From: 白い熊
Subject: Re: Creating modem process and receiving output of AT commands
Date: Mon, 01 Mar 2010 16:24:23 +0300
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Thien-Thi Nguyen <address@hidden> writes:
>   (defun nokia-n900-send-output-keep (process output)
>     (setq nokia-n900-send-output-kept (cons output 
> nokia-n900-send-output-kept)))
> Probably you want to add output to the tail, not the head.

Yeah, however, if adding to the tail, for some reason it adds some
strange quotation marks and brackets. This way, the variable has an
identical log, just in reverse order, as when you don't use a filter,
and have output logged to a buffer. Not a big deal, could probably
figure out what's wrong later, after I get it working...

>    But running (testos), it doesn't even get to sending the first `at\r'.
> What does that mean, precisely?  Does Emacs signal an error?

No, there is no error, the first AT command doesn't get sent, Emacs just
waits forever.

>    I think the reason is [...].
> It's possible that \r is being mangled.
> See `process-coding-system-alist' (and friends).

It's not. If I run all the commands by hand, i.e. line by line, then
Emacs updates, and they are carried out, but if run in a function, it
just halts before getting to the first AT command, if I interrupt the
process, and inspect the value of nokia-n900-send-output-kept it's still

If I send the commands one by one, i.e. not as a whole function, but
line by line, the nokia-n900-send-output-kept is updated well and it
carries out.

> You should make sure the subprocess sees what Emacs is purporting to send,
> first, before worrying about whether or not Emacs sees what the subprocess
> outputs.

I'm sure of that, as I'can send the SMS each and every time, evaluating
line-by-line, just running the whole function, it gets stuck as Emacs
doesn't see process output and thus doesn't advance to the next step.
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