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AW: AW: Fwd: CEDET sync

From: Berndl, Klaus
Subject: AW: AW: Fwd: CEDET sync
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2010 12:08:09 +0100

On Tue, Mar 2, 2010 at 11:36 AM, Berndl, Klaus
<address@hidden> wrote:
>>>I think the worst problem is the scattering of scarce resources. Eric
>>>Ludlam is such a resource ;-)
>> exactly - therefore my vote for focussing the scarce resources to the most
>> important tasks - otherwise there will be a very high risk to get bogged
>> down...

>And you are of course a scarce resource too and I have noticed you
>have had difficulties to find time to support ECB as you want to.

Yes, indeed - and therefore i have made hard priorities:
1. Making ECB compatible with current Emacs-development-stream (currently 23.2)
2. Fixing serious bugs
3. - 5. Nothing
6. Some small and not time-consuming enhancements
7. Some but only very few compatibility checks after 1 - 6 if Xemacs still works

This eats up all my time available for maintaining ECB. Unfortunatelly i have 
no time
(and probably will not find any time in the near-term and medium-term future) to
work on the heavy rewritting of the layout engine for the sake of eliminating 
(or at least 
reducing) the bunch of heavy-weighted advices and instead bringing forward the 
display-engine to be ready for layouting something like ECB without the need of 
This would be also a good example for the conflict between the advantages of 
merging ECB into
Emacs and the value uphelding compatibility of Xemacs: Replacing the 
ECB-advices with
Emacs-internal mechanisms would in fact either throw away the 
XEmacs-compatibility of ECB
or would "cost" an even much more complex layout code of ECB as it is currently.
Well, merging ECB and my available time is off-topic to this thread... ;-)

>It is a common and serious problem and one we must fight if we want
>free software to succeed.

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