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Re: enable sorting by version in `ls-lisp-handle-switches'

Subject: Re: enable sorting by version in `ls-lisp-handle-switches'
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2010 14:31:39 +0900

> Indeed, I don't expect them to behave identically.

OK. I wanted to list just different points between those functions.
Those are not alternative, I think.
(I have still struggled to write English properly. :) )

> The implementation strategy is also very different, so I'd expect the
> performance behavior to be quite different as well.

Yes. That's right.

Originally, I wanted `ls-lisp-handle-switches' to sort by version. Then
I made the functions, `string-version-lessp' (based on Gnu) and
`string-logical-lessp' (based on Windows).

I think that users will select the favorite one.

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