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RE: delete-selection-mode

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: delete-selection-mode
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2010 15:24:08 -0700

> > Please, folks, lets keep to the topic as raised by Juri: 
> > `whether the default should be d-s-mode or just t-m-mode'.
> Why not discuss other related questions at the same time?
> Or do you object for doing this without changing the Subject line?

Well, I already mentioned that _related_ questions were appropriate (in the very
text you quote below: "other relevant questions").

What can defeat dealing with the topic at hand are the wide-open, far-ranging
discussions about Emacs vs other editors (without regard to the question of text
selection) or keyboard vs mouse or no t-m-mode vs t-m-mode; etc.

There's nothing wrong with questions that relate to the question at hand and
help us find its answer. But throwing up arguments against the use of t-m-mode
is essentially drowning the fish, whether intentional or not.

> > That question is plenty big enough. We can still bring in 
> > questions of who the default behavior (for this) should be
> > most aimed at, and other relevant questions that have
> > already been broached.
> Maybe this question needs a poll.  I suspect the outcome will be
> something around 95% vs 5% ;-)

I've heard talk of user polls for quite some time now. RMS brings it up
occasionally. I have yet to see a user poll, however. I know that Richard has
said that polls were carried out sometimes in the past.

User polls can provide useful info. On their own, they don't (shouldn't) decide
a question, but their info can be helpful input when deciding.

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