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Re: delete-selection-mode

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: delete-selection-mode
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2010 19:27:13 +0100
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"Drew Adams" <address@hidden> writes:

>> For the record: I just noticed that a few minutes ago I yanked some
>> stuff from one buffer into a different buffer, then used C-x 
>> C-x to move to the top of the inserted material in order to add a
>> newline and some other stuff there.
>> delete-insertion-mode would have just deleted my inserted material
>> again.
>> The sequence C-y C-x C-x is rather common in my usage patterns.  And I
>> don't know an equally convenient substitute.
> C-y C-x C-x C-g     or    C-y C-u C-x C-x
>             ^^^               ^^^
> Honestly, each example you give of being disturbed by the active
> region, wanting it to be inactive, is in effect the *same example*.

Sure: working with the mark without wanting bad side-effects from an
incidentally activated region.

> When you don't want the region to be active, either do not activate it

You can't set the mark without activating it.

> or deactivate it. If you never want an active region, then turn off
> t-m-mode.

I already said that I'd consider transient-mark-mode _off_ again a good
solution and have an active region for shift-selection, mouse-selected,
and explicit temporary transient-mark-mode.  In which case I don't mind
delete-selection-mode much since it is in effect only for explicitly
selected _regions_ instead of being a side-effect of using the _mark_.

I have heard no arguments against that.  I don't consider it part of
adult discussions to repeat the same point over and over again, so I
won't repeat this.  But I find it exasperating that people wear their
blinders to a degree where they blend everything out that differs from
their preconceptions about _how_ to best achieve their goals.

David Kastrup

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