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RE: delete-selection-mode

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: delete-selection-mode
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2010 00:43:41 -0700

> >> So by now basically every non-historic way of setting a 
> >> region makes it active (or should?) even if
> >> transient-mark-mode is disabled.
> >
> > Actually all the mark-* functions don't activate the mark if t-m-m
> > is disabled.
> Yes.  That might be worth revisiting.

Why? Revisit how? Do you want them to activate the mark if t-m-mode is disabled?

That's a contradiction in terms, anyway. There is no notion of "active" region
when t-m-mode is disabled. It is a concept that applies only to t-m-mode (and
modes that enable t-m-mode).

Any function whose behavior depends on whether the region is active only does so
when t-m-mode is enabled.

It cannot do otherwise, since the region is never activated with t-m-mode
disabled. It's neither active nor inactive then - the notion of activeness just
doesn't apply in that context.

> > IIUC what you're suggesting is to enable delsel but in 
> > return to make C-SPC and C-x C-x not activate the region any more.
> I guess that would be about it.

And what will you call that? Yet another selection mechanism for users to wrap
their heads around? It's not `delete-selection-mode', and it's not anything we
have now. Why go there?

And I hope you're not suggesting to change d-s-mode _itself_ to act like that.
Please leave d-s-mode alone, whatever changes you make. Don't bother to use
d-s-mode as the default, if you don't want it, but please don't mess it up.

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