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RE: keyboard-escape-quit

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: keyboard-escape-quit
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2010 07:14:06 -0700

> > FWIW - I never paid any attention to 
> > `keyboard-escape-quit', for some reason.
> > Taking a look now, I am perplexed.
> `keyboard-escape-quit' is very useful for effective use of Emacs.
> You can do several frequent actions with a single key.
> It is like undo for a stack of implicit "modes" (or "states").
> If you don't use it, please don't try to diminish it.

You misunderstood my post. I did not try to diminish k-e-q. I tried to explain
how I am perplexed (confused) by its doc. I was asking for clarification, so I
can understand it better.

Please read the post again. If you then think the doc is clear, feel free to
ignore my confusion. Or feel free to help me see what I'm missing.

I would like to understand it better, especially since _you_, in particular,
find it useful. The doc doesn't really help me understand its usefulness.
Perhaps you can elaborate? You can see at least that I tried to understand,
reading the doc and looking at the few source-code uses of it. There's not much
to go on.

Does it work with `query-replace' for you, or is that part of the doc just
wrong? And again, I don't understand some of that q-r code. Whereas the code for
deactivating the region is straightforward, the code for exiting `query-replace'
with ESC ESC ESC is not (to me).


My writing about which key to use to deactivate the active region was separate
from my expression of confusion about the k-e-q doc, and I separated it as such
using an explicit separator: `---', as here.

And I don't feel strongly about the key to use to deactivate. As I said, just a
feeling that simpler is probably better.

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