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Re: Gtk tabs in emacs, new branch.

From: David De La Harpe Golden
Subject: Re: Gtk tabs in emacs, new branch.
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2010 20:56:21 +0100
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Jan Djärv wrote:
Stefan Monnier skrev:
Are there any concrete examples of other uses?
I can imagine switching the buffer of one of the windows (in an ECB-style
frame, for example).
Isn't that a window configuration?  I don't get it.

Not quite: e,g. you can create a new tab for "toto.c", switch to toto.h,
then resize some windows, then select the "toto.c" tab and it will
switch the buffer to toto.c without reverting the window sizes.

Ok, that might be useful.

Hmm. Well, switching a "single window"* between buffers toto.c and toto.h might be something I'd rather use (yes, presently hypothetical) interior split-tab tabs, attached directly to the window in question.

This is not unusual - Note how eclipse has tab bars on multiple panes, and switching the main editor pane between files is done with the tab bar most directly attached to it:


(* actually in the implementation I envisage it'd be switching /between two emacs windows/ formed from a "split" on the "tab" axis, but at this level of the discussion that's a detail).

My reservations about window-configurations-as-thing-tab-switches also
turn out to apply:

See, thinking about it, switching window configurations as a whole could IMO be more like switching "perspectives" in eclipse (window configurations do currently encapsulate the buffer being shown in each window, and assuming split-tabbed existed would also record tab arrangement).

So a "debug" window configuration may have (possibly tabbed) windows open on buffers with your source, compilation outputs, a gdb window etc., while a "edit java" window configuration has windows with your source, a directory tree browser, doc and completion windows etc.

Now, a tab bar is probably still a vaguely reasonable UI for switching between a small number of perspectives, though not actually the UI eclipse uses (see the "Debug" button in the upper right of Fig.1 screenshot here:


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