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Re: Guile in Emacs

From: Jeff Clough
Subject: Re: Guile in Emacs
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2010 07:23:51 -0400
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It seems I've lost track of this conversation.  Is this a purely
hypothetical discussion, or is it to be expected that some relatively
near future version of Emacs will be Guile-based?

For what it's worth, as someone who's used Emacs for years but only got
into Lisp a couple of months ago...

I can see this as a good thing for people who'd like a more "modern"
Lisp with their Emacs (and a consistent, "core" extension language
across GNU), but a bad thing for people relying on a large, complex
application maintained by a single busy guy.

Emacs Lisp supports such a grow-it-as-you-need-it development approach
that a lot of stuff out there was built a few lines at a time over
months or years.  Expecting the author of an application like that to
carve out a chunk of time for a complete re-write might be asking too


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