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Re: Guile in Emacs

From: christian.lynbech
Subject: Re: Guile in Emacs
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2010 10:27:46 +0200
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>>>>> "Jeff" == Jeff Clough <address@hidden> writes:

Jeff> Neither do I, but what we have today works.  That's what I'm for.  Don't
Jeff> fix what isn't broken.  Or, more appropriately, don't fix what Emacs
Jeff> seems to be the only application to do *right*.

Well, something needs to be done if emacs changes extension language.

Either we accept keeping the language documentation in a separate
document such we can use what the language platform already provides
*or* we duplicate the work done by the language platform in order to
integrate the language documentation into the emacs specific reference

The latter option both incurs an initial significant cost plus a
continued burden of maintenance to keep the emacs manual in synch with
the language platform.

It does not strike me as a good way of spending volunteer resources.

Christian Lynbech       | christian #\@ defun #\. dk
Hit the philistines three times over the head with the Elisp reference manual.
                                        - address@hidden (Michael A. Petonic)

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