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Re: X11R7 failure

From: Sven Joachim
Subject: Re: X11R7 failure
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2010 20:36:21 +0200
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On 2010-04-22 20:10 +0200, Chong Yidong wrote:

> I just got a build failure report from one of the pretesters:
>> I have just looked at the failure to build it on NetBSD 5.0.2
>> AMD64, our first system with X11R7.  The configure script fails to
>> detect the presence of X11 libraries, even though they are present:
>> % ls -1 /usr/X11R7/lib/lib* | wc -l
>> 323
> I don't know if there is anything we can do about this, since the X11
> checks are made by Autoconf.  We're using Autoconf 6.2 for emacs-23, but
> glancing at the output of Autoconf 6.5 from the trunk, looks like it
> doesn't look for /usr/X11R7 either.

It is version 2.65 (not 6.5), and this version does look in /usr/X11R7:

| % grep -n X11R7 configure
| 6987:/usr/X11R7/include
| 6993:/usr/include/X11R7
| 6999:/usr/local/X11R7/include
| 7005:/usr/local/include/X11R7

> I'm not using X11R7 yet, but my impression was that it isn't supposed to
> live under /usr/X11R7, but directly in /usr.  Does anyone know what the
> situation is?

The standard installation directory for X.Org is /usr, but NetBSD
apparently uses /usr/X11R7.  The autoconf changelog mentions that it
caters to that since version 2.64:

2009-05-11  Patrick Welche  <address@hidden>  (tiny change)

        Also try X11R7 when looking for X11 files, for NetBSD.
        * lib/autoconf/libs.m4 (_AC_PATH_X_DIRECT): Also try directories
        with X11R7 in the name.


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