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Re: Updated proposal for DEL to delete active region

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Updated proposal for DEL to delete active region
Date: Sat, 22 May 2010 21:33:02 -0400
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> Here is an updated proposal, which binds C-d and DEL to new Lisp
> commands `delete-forward' and `delete-backward', which delete the active
> region if `delete-deletes-active-region' is non-nil.
> It removes the variable `mouse-region-delete-keys', removing the special
> handling of mouse selections.  It also simplifies delete-backward-char,
> moving the special overwrite-mode untabification into delete-backward.

Looks pretty good now.  Comments:
- I don't think we want to change delete-backward-char.  Instead, we
  want it to be an alias for delete-backward (or the reverse, I don't
  have any strong opinion either way), and we want to add it to
  byte-compile-interactive-only-functions (it should have been there,
  and we should put it there on the emacs-23 branch already).
  But yes, we can move it to Elisp at the same occasion.
- the code you sent uses delete-deletes-region instead of
  delete-deletes-active-region at some places.
- removing mouse-region-delete-keys should allow the removal of a lot
  more code (the highlighting code can be removed because the temporary
  transient mark mode takes care of it nowadays).  The important part of
  this removal is that it should remove all the code that calls
  read-event waiting for the next command.


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