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RE: Canonical location for emacs-version string in source tree?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Canonical location for emacs-version string in source tree?
Date: Mon, 24 May 2010 07:25:11 -0700

> > The doc a user sees for a given version should be 
> > up-to-date and reflect that version faithfully. That's all.
> In any case, IIUC your use-case (which you fail to describe) is
> unaffected because you don't use several binary executables that share
> the same source tree, same DOC file and same lisp tree.

No, I do not. I was afraid that the proposed change would make that the case, so
that different builds for the same release that I obtain as Windows binaries
would somehow have exactly the same doc (and Lisp source code?). That would be

As I said before, I did not understand the proposal (and still don't). But IIUC
now, it seems to affect only those who build Emacs and not those of us who use
prebuilt (e.g. by Sean) Windows binaries. The zip file for a given prebuilt
Windows binary will, IIUC, still contain the up-to-date doc and Lisp code.

If so, fine, and please ignore the noise of my question and lack of

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