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Re: yank-pop error unnecessary and annoying

From: Geoff Gole
Subject: Re: yank-pop error unnecessary and annoying
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2010 08:52:46 +0800

> I am not sure this is a good idea -- it might lead to doing things
> that the users don't expect.  This is the sort of thing that we
> ought to ask a lot of people to try, so they can tell us whether
> it is useful or confusing.

I'll see if I can convince some people to try it.

> But usually, what people have in mind when they do a spurious yank-pop
> is "delete the stretch of text that I most recently yanked, and replace
> it with the next item in the kill ring".  At least, that's what
> frequently happens to me, usually when I inadvertently do some cursor
> motion after yanking.

Hmm, usually when I M-y by mistake I simply want some text from some
distance down in the kill-ring but forgot that I need to C-y first. In
this case replacing the previous, probably unrelated yank would be
quite annoying.

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