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Re: Window configurations

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: Window configurations
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2010 08:34:31 +0200
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>> It does not have problems because you do it via `View-quit', hence the
>> window is probably still the same window showing the same buffer.  If
>> you switch to another buffer in an earlier popped up help window, then
>> having a later `unbury-buffer' delete that window might be surprising.
> I'm not sure this will be surprising because it will delete the window
> when the Help buffer is displayed in it, not with some other buffer.
> So when I see the Help buffer and type `q', I expect that it will delete
> that window.

My description was unclear.  I meant:

(1) Pop up the help window.

(2) In that window display some other buffer.

(3) Kill that other buffer.

What Emacs now shall do with the window is unclear.  If it does delete
the window and step (3) happens some time after (1) the effect will be
strange because the user already has forgotten about (1).  If it does
not delete the window the case where my step (3) is rewritten as

(3') Switch back to the help buffer.

will not delete the window.

I solve this problem currently by checking whether the buffer in (3) is
the buffer displayed by (1).  But this doesn't solve the problem when
(2) and (3) appear as

(2") Reuse the window to display info.

(3") Quit info.

which likely should delete the window.  [Note that making the help
window weakly dedicated in step (1) will currently have (2") fail.]


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