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C-h b autoloads iso-transl and alters key-translation-map

From: David Reitter
Subject: C-h b autoloads iso-transl and alters key-translation-map
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2010 15:51:14 -0400

Bug #6527 describes how C-h b alters key bindings, namely alt- ones.

I have produced a minimal test case:

(map-keymap-internal 'ignore 'iso-transl-ctl-x-8-map)

(as called via `keymap_canonicalize')

or also

(keymap-parent  'iso-transl-ctl-x-8-map)

because it seems to be the call to get_keymap with autoloading that is causing 

Indeed we have the following autoload:

;;;### (autoloads nil "iso-transl" "international/iso-transl.el"
;;;;;;  (19423 17168))
;;; Generated autoloads from international/iso-transl.el
 (or key-translation-map (setq key-translation-map (make-sparse-keymap)))
 (define-key key-translation-map "\C-x8" 'iso-transl-ctl-x-8-map)
 (autoload 'iso-transl-ctl-x-8-map "iso-transl" "Keymap for C-x 8 prefix." t 

Merely loading iso-trans.el is documented to create keybindings with Alt.

Should a package alter such central key bindings just upon loading it?
Or, should such a package be autoloaded?

Could people suggest a solution to this issue?

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