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Re: Emacs learning curve

From: Uday S Reddy
Subject: Re: Emacs learning curve
Date: Sat, 17 Jul 2010 15:28:19 +0100
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On 7/17/2010 7:02 AM, Teemu Likonen wrote:

Anyway, I'm not trying to change anybody's mind about the default key
bindings. I have just been hoping that user could practically design her
own global bindings but even that's not quite possible because the
f-b-n-p mnemonics and other default keys are so deeply hard-coded
everywhere. There's not enough abstraction on that front.

I think you are right.  I was thinking the same thing this morning.

In a supposedly configurable editor, it is pretty hard to change key bindings. This seems like a deep flaw in the architecture of Emacs. Perhaps this is what the emacs developers should focus on: make the key bindings configurable. Then there would be no need to go through debates like this any more.


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